An Alzheimer's Caregiver Perspective

The Toll Alzheimer’s Takes on Caregivers

An Alzheimer's Family Caregiver's Perspective


The toll Alzheimer’s takes on caregivers is transcribed from the above video.

We are certainly meeting a lot of passionate people this morning.¬† Very passionate about fighting this disease together.¬† I want to introduce you to our next guest, Mary Olson. We thank Mary for coming in today to share her story.¬† I know it is not easy, but you are so passionate.¬† You want to get that word out and so you are here today to do that.¬† Let’s talk a little bit about your story.¬† You’ve been experiencing this for several years now.¬† You are starting to see signs that your mom might have been struggling with this¬† 5 – 7 years ago.

The Toll Alzheimer's Takes on Family Caregivers

We really did and it was so hard.  You do not always know what is going on.  You just think, oh, it is old age or mom did not have time to do this with me.  When, in reality, she was struggling to remember who she was.  You feel very selfish not giving them that love and support when they need it the most in the beginning of losing themselves.

Alzheimer’s Caregiver Perspective – “It Feels Like It Happens Overnight”

In the last two years, you move back to be part of her life, to help your dad.  You have been there and you are seeing, of course, how this disease robs your mom and your family.  If feels like it happens overnight.  One day you go to bed and the next day you wake up and you did not get to say goodbye.  You know there is never anything to bring them back.  As we have been talking about, it is very emotional.  You lose them before you really lose them.  I went through this with my grandmother.  It is so difficult to see that.  Do you still have good days?  They talk about how it goes back and forth.  Are there days when she remembers more than others?

You Have To Set Your Emotions Aside

We have good moments.¬† You have moments when you almost feel like it is mom again, and then you lose her.¬† I think that is really hard.¬† I miss even just going to lunch with mom and saying, “Gosh, Mom, I had a hard day”.¬† And for a moment, she will understand and talk to me and the n the next minute, it is like, well, is your dad home?¬† It is 12pm, and your dad is coming home.¬† You have to reset and say no, he comes home at 5:30.¬† (As an Alzheimer’s caregiver), you have to put yourself and your emotions aside, and you have to be there for them.¬† It is a 24 hour a day battle.

You have taken your story (as an Alzheimer’s caregiver) and you have turned your pain into passion and you are encouraging others.¬† You are out there and you are standing for the cause.

A Caregiver Perspective:¬† “It affects everything – it affects everyone”

I read a speech that said I will shout it from the mountaintops.  We live in a time when the loudest people are the ones that raised their hands for calls, and are the ones that are heard.  It affects everything Рit affects everyone.  It does not discriminate.  It is something that can bridge the gap between so many.  We can all understand because so many of us have gone through it.  Get together and let the capital know.  Let Washington know that the time is now .  It is time to find a cure.

We thank you.  We know this is not easy.  Thank you for sharing your story.

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