About Us

Alzheimer’s Caregiver Radio is committed to serving caregivers who care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease / dementia.  We understand the sacrifice they make with their time, energy, and finances every single day.  Our weekly podcast aims to equip family caregivers with tips, strategies and valuable information to help them find joy in their caregiver journey.  This is accomplished with stories from her own caregiver journey, as well as guest speakers with expertise in a variety of areas.   



Our Mission

Alzheimer’s Caregiver Radio’s host, Nancy Landa was the sole caregiver for her mother, Marion, for 12 1/2 years.  She understands the struggles family caregivers face on a daily basis.  Though her care-giving duties have ended, she is passionate about helping as many family caregivers as possible.  Our mission is to provide encouragement, inspiration, and strategies to family caregivers.  Alzheimer’s Caregiver Radio is committed to helping family caregivers create a journey of treasured memories with their loved one.